Welcome to Nasirabad, a charming village nestled in the heart of lower Hunza and proudly standing as the welcoming gateway to the enchanting wonders of the Karakoram Highway. Picture this: you’re at the doorstep of Hunza, with the iconic Rakaposhi peak standing tall and proud right before your eyes, accompanied by the majestic Diran peak in the backdrop.

As the first village you encounter on your journey through the Karakoram Highway, Nasirabad warmly invites you to soak in the breathtaking views of Rakaposhi and Diran. While it may not be the very first village in Hunza, Nasirabad boasts a unique charm that sets the stage for the incredible experiences that lie ahead.

Get ready for an unforgettable adventure as you explore Nasirabad’s serene landscapes and witness the grandeur of the surrounding peaks. Join us in discovering the beauty of Nasirabad – where every view is a postcard-worthy moment and every step is a journey into the heart of Hunza’s natural splendor. Your adventure begins.

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