Murtaza Abad

Welcome to Murtazaabad, the first village in the heart of central Hunza, Pakistan. It’s like a cozy hug from nature, sitting right by the Hunza River. We used to call it Neray Das, a name that brings back memories.

Picture this – Murtazaabad is like a small island surrounded by two friendly neighbors, East Hasanabad and West Nasirabad. The Hunza River is like our companion in the south, and those cute little mountains play peek-a-boo in the north. Our land is like a magic carpet – 40% for growing things, 35% covered in green forests, and about 30% full of adventurous mountains.

We’ve split Murtazaabad into two parts: Murtazaabad Paien (KhaKhan) and Murtazaabad Bala (Dal Khan). They get their water from two big pools connected to Hasanabad Nala, keeping everything green and happy. And guess what? Our village is super safe and friendly, just like a big family.

Now, imagine standing in the heart of Murtazaabad, looking at Rakaposhi – the mightiest mountain that stands tall, almost like it’s watching over us. It’s not just a village; it’s our home, where the river sings, the mountains share stories, and the people are as warm as a cozy blanket. Welcome to Murtazaabad, where every corner is a piece of nature’s art and every face is a friend’s smile.

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