Misgar Valley

Discover the enchanting valley of Misgar, nestled in the northernmost region of Pakistan within the Gilgit-Baltistan province, along the northern edge of the Hunza District. This picturesque destination shares its borders with China and Afghanistan, making it a unique and historically significant area.

In recent years, Misgar has emerged as an ideal starting point for an extraordinary trek to two ancient Silk Road passes: Kilik Pass and Mintaka Pass. These passes, situated to the north of Misgar, boast deep historical roots, having been integral parts of the legendary Silk Road. Before the establishment of the Karakoram Highway, Kilik Pass and Mintaka Pass served as vital caravan routes connecting Pakistan and India to Tashkurgan in China.

The rich history of Misgar dates back to at least 1844, with present-day settlements established during that period by people from four different tribes who migrated from Hunza. During the era of the British Raj in 1892, Misgar came under their control as part of the Great Game, leading to the construction of Qalandarchi Fort in the 1930s. This fort, now a local landmark, was strategically built to oversee the Wakhan Corridor.

Misgar remained an integral part of Hunza until Pakistan gained independence in 1947. Today, the valley stands as a testament to its historical significance and offers visitors a unique opportunity to explore the cultural heritage and breathtaking landscapes that define this hidden gem in Pakistan’s northern frontier. Embark on a journey through Misgar and witness the convergence of history, culture, and natural beauty.

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