Khuda Abad

Welcome to Khuda Abad village, a hidden treasure just in front of bustling Sost town along the Karakoram Highway. While it may not be a tourist hotspot, Khuda Abad boasts something truly magical – a symphony of spring blossoms and the vibrant colors of autumn.

Picture this: as winter bids adieu, Khuda Abad awakens with a burst of colors, with blossoms blanketing the landscape in hues of pinks and whites. In the fall, the village transforms into a canvas of warm tones, creating a mesmerizing contrast against the rugged Karakoram Range backdrop.

Khuda Abad isn’t just a place; it’s an experience. Wander through its quiet lanes, interact with the locals, and witness nature’s handiwork in every corner. This village may not be on every traveler’s radar, but for those seeking a genuine connection with the changing seasons and the pulse of local life, Khuda Abad welcomes you with open arms. Come, be part of this untold story along the Karakoram Highway, where nature’s artistry unfolds in the heart of this charming village.

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