Day Hikes in Hunza

The area offers unlimited trekking for all grades or challenges from one day onwards. The trek to Shatubar glacier, Patundass meadows, Batura Valley & to the Pamir side provides magnificent views & adventures. A moderate day long trek takes you from Gulmit, through Kamaris to Ghulkin glacier, Borith Lake & eventually Hussaini Village (Hot Spring & Suspension bridges).

This trek offers a diverse experience from panoramic views including peaks, glaciers, streams, river, crop fields & settlements for a unique opportunity to meet very hospitable locals. The trek between Gulmit & Hussaini offers another taste of adventure, as the trekker is required to cross two suspension foot bridges that demand bravery & high determination to cross.

The Shisper glacier trek can be done as a long day trek or you can camp one night at shisper meadows. It is recommended to take a guide on this trek. Gulmit Continental Hotel can arrange everything for you.
There is pleasant hour stroll to the Ondra fort near kamaris village. From here, there are impressive views down to the Karakoram Highway. To Passu Catherdal,Shisper Peak & Karoon Peak . Ondra Fort area is also a great spot to start an unforgettable Paragliding experience.

The management of Gulmit Continental Hotel will gladly assist you in planning your walk & treks in the surrounding areas of Upper Hunza Valley. Starting from Gulmit Continental Hotel, it is about three to four hours climb up to Borithsar from the Borithsar viewpoint, you will have a great view of Tupopdan Peak, Rakaposhi,Gulmit Tower, Shisper Peak & ghulkin glacier. The Upper Hunza Valley panorama is wider & clearer from here.
There is another interesting view point of Gulmit with huge naturally carved rocks best place for family picnics & for photography. Boiber Valley is one of the oldest settlements of wakhi migration & has recently become more accessible for visitors.

Travelling by mountain jeep through the narrow gorges of Boiber as well as Chapursan, Misger, Shimshal & Khunjerab all give a thrilling experience.

Shmegrave Meadow Trek.
Shmegrave Meadow Perched High Above Khudabad.In Order To Get The Meadow You Normally Start Off Khudabad Which Is Across Sost Village. It Takes 3-4 Hours To Get To The Meadow. The Meadow’s Beauty Will Take Your Breath Away With Its Ecentric, Jagged Snow Covered Tops And Its Lush Green Background And Wild Flowers All About The Place. You Can Stay At This Meadow As Long As You Desire To. The Local Shepherds Have Their Own Shelters And For The Cattle’s During The Summer Season You Might Be Put Up For The Night In Their Shelter. Kundahell Meadow Trek. Kundahel Is To The North East Of Shmegrave Hell, Which Is Much Bigger Than Shmegrave And Is A Long Gorge Shaped With Full Of Old And New Juniper Trees And Other Wild Plants. The Background Is Lush Green And Glacier A Top. The Trek To Kundahell Is Normally Started Off Yarzirich The First Settlement Of Chapursan Valley. It Is Two Hours Trek That Starts From The Road Below. In Order To Visit This Meadow, You Have To Rent A Jeep From Gulmit Which Is A 2 Hours Drive. Kundahell Is Pro Found For Its Panoramic And Geological Beauty, Probably And Of The Best Paradises On Earth. Shatubar Glacier And Meadow Trek. Shatubar Glacier Has A Majestic And Incredible View With Its Fortified Snow Clad Cliffs And A Gigantic Tower Above Glacier Bed And A Postral Fore Ground. You Can Start Your Trek All The Way From Gulmit Valley And Is A Long Day’s Trek Staying The Night Over There Is Another Experience Of High Altitude Stay. You Can Stay More Or More Or Can Leave The Next Day.

Shatubar Trek.
The Shatubar Trek Can Also End To The North Of Hunza Is A Lovely Trek. Gulmit Glacier Trek. This Trek Is Started From A Kamaris Above Gulmit Valley And Is A Day Trip. The Trek Goes Through A Gorge In Between The Gorge And The Glacier Leading You To Towering Glacier Face And A Beautiful Pasture In The Fore Ground Alongside With The Winding Icy Glacier Bed That Starts From The Above. The Pasture Where You And Your Trip And Stay Is Beneath The Hovering Gulmit Tower Called Bokhtar Hell The Tower Is Said To Have Unclaimed Gaint Pinnicle It Is Only 5810m High. You Will Be Easily Viewing Almost All The Surrounding Peaks Such As Gulmit Tower,Tupopdan Peak,Qaron,Shisper,Dastgir Sar,Baltbar Sar And Brundubar Sar. A Spring Water Spot Cloud Be Came Across On The Way To The Pasture. This Spring Water Feeds The Huge Population Of Gulmit Village.

Borith Sar Trek.
You Can Drive To Borith Lake Village Off Gulmit Valley Where You Can Start Off To The Lofty Purple Mountain Its 4 Hours Trek. Once You Get To The Summit You Will Enable Yourself To See Almost All 14 Peaks Of The Hunza Valley. It Is Probably The Best Spot For Paragliding And Is Carried Out Annually By The Paraglider From The Foreign Countries. It Is 4200 Meters High From Borith Lake Bed. You Can End Your Trek By Choosing The Northward Trek All The Way To Upper Borith Village. Passu Ghar. This Trek Is Started From Upper Borith Followed With A Jeep Drive From Gulmit. First The Trek Initiate From A Water Canal From Upper Borith Village That Leeds You To “Passu Ghar”.A Spot From Where The Gigantic Shisper Piniccle, Passu Peak And Glacier Are Easily Viewed And The Glacier Is Also Crossed Backed With Out The Equipments. Passu Char Is Literal Meaning Passu Rock.Passu Rock That Ends The Trek Alongside. The Rock That Ends The Trek Alongside With Small Buts For Postural Shepards.The Very Thing About This Trek Is A Channel Walk. You Can Easily Make Up Your Trek Along The Channel.

Gulmit Tower Base Camp Trek.
Before You Can Start Your Trek A Jeep Drive Is Conducted All The Way From Gulmit To A Jeep Able Road To Above Kamaris Village At This Point You Initiate Your Trek Taking You Through Gravhell Pasture, Rajab Hell And Leads You To Bulkish Hell Or Meadow It Is A Hovering Spot Above Gulmit Valley Forty Filed By Jagged Towering Cliffs, Around In The Fore Ground Lies The Pasture With A Huge Icy Bed Of Glacier Dazzling With Light By The Side Of The Meadow. The Bulkish Meadow Is Famous For Its Super Natural Paranormal Activities Such As Fairies. They Could Be Spotted By Same People Accidentally And Heard While Camping There. It Is An Ideal Place For Nature Lovers In General And For The Photographer In Particular Especially Viewing The Titanic Tower In Front Is A Breath Taking Look.

Batura Glacier Trek.
Batura Is The Fourth Longest Glacier, Stretches West From Karakrom Highway For 56km.Youwill View Around 14 High Peaks During The Trek With Its Exceptional Scenery And Are More Than 7000 Meters High, And Huge Ice Floes, More Than 4000 Metes From The Batura Wall To The Glacier. During The Trek You Will Experience The Unique Life Style Of The Villagers During The Summer When They Take There Live Stock In The Pastures.

Patundass Trek:
This Trek Takes You To The Fascinating Patundass Valley Traverses Two Glaciers And Goes Along The Batura Glacier Which Is 65 Kilometers Long It Is The Second Longest Glacier Outside The Polar Regions. The Highest Point Of This Trek Is 4570 Meters High It Is Called Table Of The Mountains Where You Can View Sixteen Peaks Over 7000 Meters High. This Is An Easy And Short Trek Recommended For All Ages And Dees Not Require Any Physical Condition.

Worthum Pass Trek.
Worthum Pass-5147m Links The Batura Glacier To Chapursan Lupghar Valley To Its North. On The Way It Is Very Attractive And Less Visited Area.

Boisum And Chafehingal Pass Trek.
Chafchingal and Boisum passes are in the remote ghuzarav mountain of shimshal which links shimshal village to koksil on the kkh 17km west of khunjerab pass.

Shpodeen Pass Trek.
Very Rare Visited And Incredibly Scenic, This Trek Crosses A Spectacular Pass And Offer Karakoram Best Blue Sheep Watch. It Is Easy Trek For The Beginners And Can Have Nice View Of Hisper Muztagh.

Chafchingal Pass And Sonia Peak.
Chafchingal And Boisum Passes Are In The Remote Ghuzerav Mountains Of Shimshal Valley Which Links Shimshal Valley To Koksil And The Karakoram Highway 17km West Of Khunjerab Pass.

Kilik And Mintika Trek.
Kilik And Mintika Two Historic Passes On The Pakistani With China. Foreigners Were Not Allowed To Visit The Area But Know It Is Open Since 1999. It Is A Beautiful Valley Spring And Trees Are Abundant There And The Campsites Are Grassy For More Than 1000 Years Kilik And Mintika Were Old Silk Routes Primary Passes Between China And Hunza Valley. Today Again These Border Valleys Are Attractive For Foreigners.

Batura Yak Safari Trek.
Gulmit Is One Of The Oldest Villages Of Gojal Valley In Upper Hunza, Situated At 140km From Gilgit. Passu Is A Nearby Small Village Which Is Famous For Its Yak Cattle Sheep And Goats. The Village Owns The Large Grazing Area, Like Batura Valley. Among The Villager And The Forerunners Batura Valley Is Well Known For Its Summer Herbs And Best Touristic Spots. Yak Safari In The Valley And New Every Year Hundreds Of Tourist’s Rash Up There To Experience The Safari You Can Observe The Life Of The Mountain Area Community And Can Experience The Foods Especially Made Fantastic And The Herbs Shepherds Used As Vegetable.

Shisper Peak Base Camp Trek.
Pakistan Is Blessed With The Areas Of Matchless Beauty And Shisper Meadow Is The Place Which Can Be Considered As One Of The Most Beautiful In Gilgit Baltistan. A Trek To Shisper Meadow Is An Easy And Short Trek Recommended For All Ages And Does Not Require Any Good Physical Condition. The Views From Shisper Meadow Are Rewarding You May Have The Best View Of Shisper Peak 7611m And The Surrounding Peaks. While Sitting In Your Tents.

Lupghar Trek.
After One From Karakoram High ,We Reached Dut Which Is The First Population Of Shimshal ,Before The Road Was Constructed The Travelers Stayed Over Night There Where The Ancient Way Of Qareen Is Seen From This Place There Is Different Valleys ,Lupghar Pasture Take Two Days Trek From Dut ,Same Villagers Live With Their Cattle In This Attractive Pasture ,The Beautiful Peaks Is Lupghar Sar 7200m High Which Is Challenging For Climbers. Yazghil Trek. Yazghil Is At The Distance Of Two Day Travel, From Shimshal Were There Is Kurdapin Pass And Farjarab Valleys Separates, Kurdapin Pass Is Enough Challenges For Trekking Group Which Is Birding Sakardu Through Snow Lake And View The Farjarab Lake Which Was Broken Three Time And Destroyed All The Population Of Shimshal And Hunza, And Enjoying The Impressive Snow Mountains Of Yuksin Garden, Yazghil Groups. Shimshal Pass Trek. Shimshal Pass Is One Of The Most Beautiful Place In Gilgit Baltistan. It Is Situated On The Border Of Pak/China, About Two Days Travel From Shimshal Valley, Which Is At An Altitude Of Approximately About 4700mt, This Beautiful Pasture Is So Vast, Hute The Dwellers Of This Village Spend Six Months With Their Cattle In This Charming Pasture. During There Stay In Pamir The Villagers Have To Take Care Of Their Cattle Very Attentively, They Get Butter And Collecting Wool. The Wool Is Used To Prepare Local Carpets, Which Can Be A Big Source Of The Income Of Local Economy. The Pamir Pasture Or Shimshal Pass Has Attractive Snow Clad Peaks Are Above 6000mt Mingling Sar And Quzsar Are The Most Popular For Trekking Group In The Pass There Are Beautiful Lakes Surroundings Is A Grassy Area ,The Braldo Pass Separate From This Pasture To Snow Lake And Paradise For Skiers As Well. There Is So Many Short And Long Passes ,From The Top Of The Mingling Sar Seen The Magnification Mountain K-2 And Other 7000mt. All The Way Which Lead To Shimshal To Pamir Are Constructed By The Physical Devotion Of The Boy Scouts And Volunteers And The Villagers. In This Pasture Is Several Interesting Event Is The Yak Racing Festival And The Celebrations And Festivals, On The End Of Harvest All Villagers Back To Shimshal Only In The Winter Yaks Remain On The Mountains. Chapchingol Trek. Gujarab Is Also A Pasture Of Shimshal Which Is So Vast Their Inhabitants Of The Villagers Spend Whole Months In This Pasture, After Crossing Shopodin Pass So Many Small Pastures Finally Reached Warben The Main Grazing Area Then Crossing The Chapchingol River By Steal Wire Is Very Interesting And Cross Many Time The Cool River On The Left Is Sonya Peak And Right Is The Chapchingol Passes To Khunjarab Pass.

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